The Florida Show

The FLEXFest Film Tour

Curated by Roger Beebe

In Conjunction with Ssssshivering Shelves

“The Florida Show,” designed by Ben Russell

“The Florida Show,” designed by Ben Russell

Straight outta Gainseville, FLA, mad-media-master-maker Roger Beebe and the FLEXFest crew bring us the best of the best from their Florida Film/Video Experimental Festival. As if that weren’t enough, Providence resident/ Gainseville expatriate Mike Taylor will be reading from his diary for all of you word buffs out there. It’ll be an image-text extravaganza, lovingly hosted by the ladies from the Dirt Palace… Be there or be square. FEATURING: Cats and Pants by Jennifer Matotek (1:00, miniDV), Stable by Rob Todd (7:00, 16mm), Altitude Zero by Lauren Cook (5:00 16mm), Magic Hostess: The Electric Can Opener by Rob Tyler (4:00, miniDV), Hand Eye Coordination by Naomi Uman (10:30, 16mm), White Blight Manifesto by Paul Lloyd Sargent (6:00, miniDV), Pornographic Apathetic by T. Arthur Cottam (5:30, miniDV), Reckless Eyeballing by Christopher Harris (13:00, 16mm), Glasgow XYZ by Greg King (3:30, super 8 to miniDV), It Could Happen To You by Elizabeth Henry (8:45, miniDV (found 16mm)), Skip by Ann Steuernagel (9:00, miniDV (found 16mm)), Sunshine by Meesoo Lee (4:00, miniDV (found 35mm))