The Monster Lotería Tour 2005

Videos by Jim Finn & Arthur Jones

“The Monster Loteria Show,” designed by Ben Russell, printed by Alec Thibodeau

“The Monster Loteria Show,” designed by Ben Russell, printed by Alec Thibodeau

The siren song of Providence has once again brought two wayward sailors to our shores… Arriving via the Good Ship Chicago, internationally-renowned videomakers Jim Finn and Arthur Jones (of one-time RISD fame) will disembark with arms full of movies about animals, animated monsters, and communism. Jim Finn will be screening his new video series La Lotería alongside old favorites like his gerbil biopic wüstenspringmaus. Arthur Jones will be presenting his newest animated series Monster Team, about a fraternity of dysfunctional suburban beasts living in an Enron-style corporate office park. For more information, go to

Both artists IN PERSON

TRT 80:00


Jim Finn (b. 1968, St. Louis) lives in Chicago and makes videos about small animals, love and communism. His house is a kind of MGM lot for experimental animal videos. His work has screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, Cinematexas, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. His work has also appeared on the PBS and in Harper’s magazine. He is currently touring with his newest video series La Lotería. He is also working on a series of needlepoint portraits of South American communist heroes and touring red state craft fairs with them.

Arthur Jones (b. 1974) is an animator and illustrator who studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. His animated shorts are fast-paced, meticulously detailed, creepy and cute. They have shown in the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Worm Film Series (Rotterdam), Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, LA Shorts, and Gavin Brown Passerby Gallery in New York. His design work includes promotional paint-by-number kits for the public radio program This American Life, advertising for Thrill Jockey Records, and art direction for Dirty Found magazine. His online sketchbook,, receives thousands of hits a week and has been viewed by nerds the world over.