The Peep Show

Curated by Noel Lawrence

“The Peep Show,” designed and printed by Samantha Pierce

“The Peep Show,” designed and printed by Samantha Pierce


Just in time for Halloween, film archivist Noel Lawrence flies out from the San Francisco Fog of Doom to present the 16mm films of obscurist cult-mysterioso Commie director J.X. Williams before your unbelieving eyes. Lawrence is point-man for the J.X. Williams Archive and the horned shadow behind the recent rediscovery of Williams’ lost treasure trove of psycho-demonic-porno-mafioso films… Not only will he be trick-or-treating you to a history lesson on the events surrounding Williams’ most significant film (”Peep Show” – a 1965 expose on the secret history of the Kennedy administration, involving a mafia plot to addict Frank Sinatra to heroin!), but he’ll be lighting up that silver screen with a plastic pumpkin full of skullhead psychedelia, B-movie nudie sacrifice, Satan Claus, and a wild ride through the mean mobster streets of cement-shoed Chicago. Jeepers creepers, indeed!

FEATURING: Psych-Burn by J.X. Williams (3:00, 16mm, 1968), Satan Claus by J.X. Williams (3:00, 16mm, 1975), The Virgin Sacrifice by J.X. Williams (9:00 excerpt, 16mm, 1969), Peep Show by J.X. Williams (46:00, 16mm, 1965)

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Psych-Burn by J.X. Williams (3:00, 16mm, 1968) Unfinished music video for never-aired ABC pilot.

Satan Claus by J.X. Williams (3:00, 16mm, 1975) “In the mid-Seventies, I was working as a projectionist for this crummy movie theatre in downtown LA. The owner owed me six weeks back wages and when I ask him for the money, the scumbag has the gall to inform me that I’m getting laid off Christmas week. If he’d known my reputation for mischief, he might have thought twice about it. On my last day of work, I had to project a Christmas matinee for kids. Before the main feature, I added an unannounced opener to the progracalled ”Satan Claus”. I fled the theatre right after my film ended but I heard the owner had to refund the entire box office. Even then, several outraged parents filed a lawsuit against the theatre. Merry Christmas, you cheap bastard!” – J.X. Williams (from his forthcoming biography “The Big Footnote”).

The Virgin Sacrifice by J.X. Williams (9:00 excerpt, 16mm, 1969) “Before ‘Virgin’, I never put much stock in the idea of a ‘cursed’ production. Take a film like ‘Incubus’. Just cause the director’s nephew died, the production company went belly up, and Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate attended the premiere….Those could all just be coincidences. Shit happens. But with ‘Virgin’, you could just smell the vapor of evil clouding the set. It didn’t help that our chief investor was a ranking member of the Church of Satan. In the end, we tallied three OD’s, a maimed-for-life set designer, bankruptcy, and a car bombing (sort of). Even the film itself disappeared. Not just the prints. The film lab burnt down and we lost the negative. All I’ve got left is the nine minute opening to the main feature and the sound-sync is fucked.” – J.X. Williams (from his forthcoming biography “The Big Footnote”).

Peep Show by J.X. Williams (46:00, 16mm, 1965) Chicago 1961: The Labor war between the Teamsters and the Seafarers is heating up and Union Cab Local #777 is caught in the frying pan… A passenger enters a taxi. Pulls a gun on himself. A backseat suicide? No. He just wants to talk. Needs a confessor. He’s mobbed up. They’ve got a contract on him. Has one last story to tell. Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride through the mean streets of Chicago, the fleshpots of Hollywood, and the secret corridors of Washington where the real decisions are made. Hold your breath, shut your eyes and get ready for the Peep Show! – From a 1965 press kit for “Peep Show”, author unknown