The Pixilerations Show

Curated By Roger Mayer, Paul Myoda, Matthew Peters Warne, Mike Stoltz and the Pixilerations Steering Committee


Magic Lantern is pleased to present our second show in a three-week Magic Lantern Blitz (next week: the films of avant-savant Michael Robinson!). This screening is presented as part of Pixilerations [v.4], a new media festival-within-the-FirstWorksProv festival and features a Great Number of Films and Videos by Local and Non-Local Media Makers. For a full schedule of Pixilerations events, check out Check out for a listing of FirstWorksProv festival performances. This screening was curated by Roger Mayer, Paul Myoda, Matthew Peters Warne, Mike Stoltz and the Pixilerations Steering Committee. Special thanks to Frieda Abtan, Richard Manning, our volunteers, Cable Car Cinema Presented by FirstWorks in collaboration with the City of Providence, David N. Cicilline, Mayor, the Magic Lantern Experimental Film Collaborative, Brown University, and the Rhode Island School of Design. Sponsored by Brown University (Creative Arts Council, Department of Music, Modern Culture & Media, Department of Visual Arts) and the Rhode Island School of Design (Office of the Provost, Division of Fine Arts and Digital+Media).



Jon Shumway | Pendulum (06:33) … Our lives often seem to be governed, or at least influenced, by oppositional or dichotomous structures. Pendulum is an exploration of the metaphorical qualities of cyclical, back-and-forth movements that reflect this dichotomous structure.

Shawn Towne | Carousel (00:50) … is an exploration in digital pattern-making. The recorded movements are analytical observations of time and space; the use of light, sound, and shadow are revealed on-screen.

Stephanie Rowden | Q&A The Being Sound (01:00) … is part of an on-going series of audio shorts: tiny conversations I think of as audio haiku. This particular short is based on an unexpected moment with my son, late summer, a couple years back.

Sakellion Yana | The Dress (04:58) … is a short story about a childhood experience which is both funny and disturbing. Why does one only want to wear black cloth? What does a child do with a life that is trusted to her? This personal narrative may just give you answers.

Jeanne Jo | Spinning (00:75) … White yarn crochets itself, as if by magic, in an endless video loop in Spinning. The video references the linear languages of both storytelling and computer programming.

Paul Wallace | before/birth (05:35) … Upon an alter the son must enact the rite of time travel to achieve transcendence by means of symbolic erasure; a return.

The following nine one-minute animations were created by Brown undergraduate students in the context of a Motion Graphics class taught by Paul Myoda in the Visual Art Department in the Spring of 2007. Students were asked to respond to the Pixilerations open call for submissions, the theme of which was: Have you got a minute? Stories +/- Ornament.

As stated in this open call: “Just as some stories are better served straight and to the point, the very meaning and beauty of others rests on the power of ornament to enhance, expand, and invoke. In both cases, it is nearly impossible to disentangle a story from its ornament.”

Zachary McCune | The Hipster’s Poe (00:52)

Davis Jung | Just want you to know (01:48)

Alexander Rosenbaum | Alien Love (01:20)

Jacob Melrose | A Lifetime (01:00)

Samantha Cohen | Mao Dun (00:59)

Jessica Vosburgh | Lil’ Guy (01:10)

Sonja Goddy | Eagle Murder (01:01)

Robert Ranney | The Midas Touch (01:02)

Jan Roddy | what price? (05:00) … The audience is taken down an endless, dark country road while piecing together a story, the undercurrent of which is class and the politics of the prison industrial system in relation to Ozark and other economically depressed rural regions. It is a poetically narrated macabre journey through institutionalized violence and personal mourning.

Freida Abtan | yellow flowers: a study (04:50) … is a study between form and movement, image and sound. A dancer’s form mimics that of a flower and is dissolved into the multiple processes of nature.

Elizabeth Riley | . . . the new world (06:20) … Performing as a time capsule – framed in familiar, unpretentious materials, such a blueberries, honey and a lacy tablecloth – the video . . . the new world concerns the processes of active change the world is experiencing. The video demonstrates a utopian vision (despite the many horrors our time is witness to), as a primary optimism for the time and condition inhabited, and traveled toward, is made manifest.

Jan Roddy | crow (00:59) … The narrator ties seemingly very different characters together across geographies through oral lore and family farming traditions. Textual and photographic images overlap and fragment to transcend linear narrative.

John Orentlicher | stable (09:30)

Denise Iris | Mini:mentals … are very short films – under 1 minute long – that chronicle the wonder, beauty, and humor in the mundane moments of everyday life.

Country weekend (00:54)

Jet life (01:42)

Winter break (01:12)

Pet (0:44)

The visitor (00:52)

Dead poinsettia (00:30)

Dragonfly glasses (00:45)

Increase the joy (0:32)

Stephanie Williams & Jesse Thompson | Jesus is a fish (06:00) … is a Stop Motion Animation that features a little girl’s adventure in trying to understand one of the most inspiring yet confusing books of all time: the Bible. Misunderstanding some passages, and mishearing some advice on finding Jesus, the protagonist sets out to find the fish that is Jesus.

Ian Gonsher | The Writing on the Wall (01:00)

Orit Ben-Shitrit & Harold Moss | The long from inside (03:10)

Christiaan Cruz | mayflowers (01:00) … is the sonic and visual output of the electromagnetic outline of a vase of flowers.

Taryn Packheiser | Shell Shocked (01:00) … I am interested in how hair color change affects actions, movement, and other underwritten elements of identity in its relationship to the male gaze. The overall structure is a reversed deconstruction of the main character, with the red chair serving as a metaphor for pop star/sexually approved/bombshell arrival status.

Ben Russell | the tawny (11:00) … “Where have you been? I have been waiting for you. Let us begin. The Tawny Frogmouth is not an owl. Here is its actual call: hrr hrrrm hrr hrrrm hrr hrrrm.”

Becky Stark and Peter Glantz | We Love to Think (4:00) segment from the future television show “Cailifunyah”.