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The India Show

Cable Car Cinema & Cafe

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The India Show is composed of a set of short political video works by Indian filmmakers that was originally put together for programming by new media curator and writer Johan Pijnappel. The program includes both independently-produced films and works made as installations in larger exhibitions.  Though quite diverse, nearly all of these videos take up […]

5 More Minutes by Dena DeCola and Karin Wandner

Emotional Realism

The Cable Car

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Our use of realism (arguably, of the real in general) has undergone some pretty major shifts over the course of the last 40-odd years. There’s been an explosion of documentation of the self dating back to the invention of the snapshot and still climbing steadily through portapacks, hand-held video cameras, camera phones, blogs, vlogs, you-tube […]

The Last Slide Projector by Paige Sarlin

The Projector Show

The Cable Car

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FILMMAKER PAIGE SARLIN IN PERSON! Magic Lantern returns for the first program of 2008 with THE PROJECTOR SHOW, a look at the love, labor, and discourse of that wonderful device that brings us moving and still images. Paige Sarlin’s The Last Slide Projector will be making its Providence premiere along with two shorts that examine […]

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Information on more screenings produced between 2008-2010 will be added soon.