Distilled Motion

Curated by Mariya Nikiforova and Stefan Grabowski (Radon Lake)

“The Distilled Motion Show,” designed and printed by Shawn Gilheeney

“The Distilled Motion Show,” designed and printed by Shawn Gilheeney

Allow your eyes to be hypnotized and your mind to be fooled into seeing things that never were. Thousands of individually rendered frames express movement not captured but merely implied. Some works possess a quiet grace; some produce a wonderful malaise through erratic colors, textures and sounds. All willfully exploit the entrancing flicker of analog film projection.

This is the third screening in the Distilled Motion series, featuring many works previously shown at screenings in Boston and Cambridge, with a few notable additions.


Intro, Stefan Grabowski, 2011, 16mm, 1 min

“Andaluz,” Karen Aqua, 2004, 35mm, 6 min
A “love letter to Andalucía” by a dearly missed member of the Boston animation community.

“69,” Robert Breer, 1968, 16mm, 5 min
Playful geometric piece from the legendary filmmaker.

“Kosmos,” Thorsten Fleisch, 2004, 16mm, 5 min
An experiment in crystal growth on film. Thorsten is a Berlin-based filmmaker and video artist.

“Frankenstein Cries Out!,” Flip Johnson, 1977, 16mm, 2 min
Animated piece in watercolors, involving the famous monster and lipstick. Flip teaches animation at MassArt.

“Zeil-Film,” Urs Breitenstein, 1980, 16mm, 6 mins
Striking piece of urban exploration that captures the zeitgeist of ’80s Frankfurt.

“Pillager,” Joshua Lewis, 2011, 16mm, 4 min
Adventure in bold hand-processing methods. Joshua is based in New York.

“Flesh Flows,” Adam Beckett, 1974, 16mm, 7 min
Entrancing trip into a world of free-flowing anatomical forms from a cult experimental animator.

“Lulu,” Lewis Klahr, 1996, 16mm, 3 min
Film collage inspired by femmes fatales. Lewis teaches at CalArts.

“Fe,” Eric Stewart 2010, 16mm, 3 min
Celestial “photogram composed entirely of iron filings in a magnetic field”. Eric is based in Oakland.

“I Swim Now,” Sarah Biagini, 2010, 16mm, 9 min
Intense journey into the mind of Violet Jessop, survivor of three ship wrecks. Sarah teaches at University of Colorado Boulder.

“Crazy Rock,” Becky James, 2009, 16mm, 4 min
Ambiguously compelling exploration of routine, featuring a strange pair: a ghost and a rock. Becky is a Harvard grad who currently lives in New York.

“Special Offer Inside,” Jodie Mack, 2010, 16mm, 4 min
Hypnotic meditation on the essence of envelopes. Jodie teaches at Dartmouth College. Her work was recently screened at the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar.

“The Story of Thomas Edison,” Aaron Zeghers, 2011, 16mm, 5 min
Vibrant exploration of the downfall of childhood heroes. Aaron is a member of the Winnipeg Film Group.

“Word Picture Verses,” David Goodrich, 2005, 16mm, 4 min
Animated poem about life cycles and loss. David is a RISD graduate currently living in Cambridge.

“Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis,” Daichi Saito, 2009, 35mm, 10 min
Luminous sequence of color and light transformations. Daichi is a member of the Montreal-based Double Negative collective.