Visual Climates

Curated by Thomas Patrick Pringle

"Visual Climates" poster by Tycho Horan

“Visual Climates” poster by Tycho Horan

With growing urgency, the world turns its attention to how environmental crises unfold from local to global scales. An enduring concern in addressing ecological problems centers on how the human being perceives the world with the limitations of senses that fail to capture the complex operations of our whole surroundings. In confluence with the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society’s conference “Atmospheres: Science, Art and the Air that Sustains Us,” this program presents a collection of visual experiments and documents that seek to explore the unknown, imperceptible, micro and macro worlds of our shared ecology.

Featuring moving image works by Jay Dickson, Dennis Hlynsky, Alexandre Larose, Charles Lindsay, James Nares, Jennifer Reeves, and Susan Schuppli.



TRT: approx. 117 mins.

Alexandre Larose, BROUILLARD: PASSAGE #14, 2013, 10 mins, color, silent, 35mm on digital video

Dennis Hlynsky, SMALL BRAINS EN MASSE, 2015, 10 mins, color, sound, digital video

Jay Dickson, TIME-LAPSE ANTARCTIC PHOTOGRAPHY, 7 mins, color, sound, digital video

Jennifer Reeves, LANDFILL 16, 2011, 9 mins, color, sound, 16mm on digital video

Susan Schuppli, CAN THE SUN LIE?, 2014, 13 mins, color, sound, digital video

Charles Lindsay, FIELDWORK: HOPE ISLAND, COMB JELLIES, 2014, 7 mins, color, sound, digital video

James Nares, STREET, 2011, 61 mins, color, sound, digital video