Since 2004, Magic Lantern has commissioned original, silk-screened posters as advertisements for each of our screenings from members of Providence’s exceptionally rich and eclectic printmaking culture. Contributing artists have included Carrie Collier, Brian Chippendale, Mat Brinkman, Xander Marro, Jo Dery, Alec Thibodeau, Ian Cozzens, Pippi Zornoza, Jungil Hong, Will Schaff, Mike Taylor, C.F., Jenny Nichols, Meredith Stern, Mickey Zacchilli, Jay Zehngebot, Buck Hastings, Steven Vallot, Muffy Brandt, Colleen Doyle, Chloe Wessner, Mimi Chrzanowski, Shawn Gilheeney, and so many more. This is a partial archive of their designs.